Caring for your Rubber Stamps

Keeping your rubber stamps clean will help your stamps live a long, and healthy life.  Here are a few tips I've picked up along the way.

Stamp Shammy:

A stamp shammy is my favorite way of keeping my rubber stamps in good condition.  The shammy can be kept right at my fingertips, and it prevents me from having to get up and walk to my sink in between stamps.  The shammy is typically a 5x7 cloth sheet very similar to a car shammy.  To use the shammy simply soak it under warm water to get it wet, and ring out the excess water.  Once the shammy is damp, you simply press your stamp down on the shammy to remove any ink that is left on your stamp.  The shammy's are very easy to purchase, and can be found on Amazon, or your local crafting website/store.

Stamp Cleaners:

Stamp Cleaners are solutions made to safely clean stamps.  There are several different brands of cleaners that can be purchased online or most retail craft stores.    Almost all cleaners come in a bottle that you apply directly to the stamp and wipe off the excess ink.