Clear Stamps vs. Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps, and Photopolymer Stamps are the most commonly used in papercrafting.  They can be used to create cards, gift wrapping, party invitations, and decorating scrapbook pages. 

Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are made by etching an image into a piece of rubber, and mounted on a piece of wood or acrylic block.  They are durable, and can withstand high temperatures when they are immersed into a hot substance, such as molten embossing powder, when using the Deep Embossing Technique.  Producing a clean, crisp image you will never be disappointed using a rubber stamp, and with the proper care they will last a lifetime. 

Rubber stamps are difficult to find storage for when they are mounted on a wood block.  (Some companies do offer Rubber Stamps with a cling back, making them much easier to store).  It can also be difficult to determine exactly where the stamped image will land on your project because the rubber is not transparent. 

Clear Stamps

Clear stamps (AKA: photopolymer stamp, acrylic stamp) are transparent stamps with a self-sticky backing so the stamp will self-adhere to an acrylic block.  They usually come packaged on a piece of Acetate covering both sides for protection.  Clear stamps are easy to use, and have become popular over the past several years. 

The most obvious benefit to clear stamps is you can see exactly where the image will be stamped on your project because the stamps are transparent.  You can also stage the acrylic stamp on your block, adding other stamps to complete your desired image.

Clear stamps are easy to store, and my personal preference when it comes to stamping.  Clear stamps also have very specific needs when caring for them.